Monday, March 30, 2009

Planting in New Mexico - March 29

From Blonde & Bart Wino

You go kids ..... A classic example of a "hill of corn"


Anonymous said...

Way to go Bart and Blonde wino! Good Luck!


Blonde -
What's the dog's name ?

Jack said...

Alright! #1
Now was it 15 to go?
And was this all trail mixers or have you branched out in the world. Also who are our fellow conspirators?
Inquiring minds and all that stuff.



Jack -

Good questions, if Craig gets some in the ground, and I guess Andrew is from this neck of the woods, so Crawford's brown thumb will have some help. We'll have 15 places who got some seeds. There's some locals here I plan to give some to, but it's mainly mixers.

After a year of so much bad blood, and I missed most of it, I wanted something that was good, and simple, as the Hopi say , " The Hopis knew that their fourth way of life would be would not be easy, but that overcoming hardships would make them strong. The themes of humility, cooperation and respect became the lifeway of all Hopis."

I guess, I've been a hippie all my life.


Plus that "Kentucky Blue Corn Whiskey" has gone over with everyone I mentioned it to.

Anonymous said...

You've inspired me CBob. I going to put a homemade sign on the little patch of land where I plant my corn. It'll say 'Humility, Cooperation and Respect'. And then I'll hope for harmony. :)

solarcrete said...

"The themes of humility, cooperation and respect became the lifeway of all Hopis."


Thanks for the invite to your blog,,I will take some time to get familiar with it later,

Most express the thoughts of the Hopis,,but few follow them,I will try whenever possible,,,thank you