Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

The BIG Snow

First we got an inch of rain and then we got this -

After a little scrapping, the sun started to peak back in.
I went back into the greenhouse in September, after stopping for the summer. This is my second winter since Larry helped me rebuild her. In addition to the salad stuff, I have jade cuttings , airplane plants, Dutch irises, lilies, aloes, and my brave little Norfork pine.
All of it is growing just off the sunlight . No extra heat at all. We have already seen nearly a week solid, of cloudy weather with back to back 13 F degree nights in that spell. That's when my irises were starting to sprout.


Anonymous said...

The neat thing is that the snow on the sides will help insulate your plants so the sun coming in from the top can do its work.

Anonymous said...

I stopped by when I saw you had Hopi blue corn seed... and am very pleased to see your thriving greenhouse. You've quite a green thumb!
Sandy in the low desert of Calif.