Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sharing the corn

I kept one ear of the blue corn for seed and put the rest out for the wild critters. It is 5 degrees out and this young squirrel has found the corn and is chowing down.


Carol said...

And I bet that squirrel greatly appreciated that corn Jack.

I couldn't get my squirrels to touch my little blue corn but then it was late in the summer when food was easily available.

Anonymous said...

Jack, That is a great picture. How did you ever get that close without scaring that little guy away. It is so cool to see him chomping away, able to find herself a good meal.

I enlarged the photo, and can also see that bird over on the right hand side. I imagine she's waiting in line for her turn.

Thanks for linking Jack.

That sure is a lot of snow. Hope you're finding a way to stay warm.