Thursday, March 18, 2010

" Mark the Oak "

3 seasons ago, thanks to Don Calwell , and the Tornadoes, I was lucky enough to plant a little garden on Buddy Holly Ave., along the south wall of the Cactus Theater. I named it after my mother , Peggy Chapman. Last year, when Lubbock lost Joe Don Davidson, I had just bought a fig tree for the garden, when I learned the news of Joe Don. So there is a fig there for him. In the fall , when Lubbock lost Mark, I couldn't plant anything till spring. This is an oak I've been nursing along since last summer. Tornado Larry helped me dig a hole for it the other day, to replace our poor old elm someday. So look for " Mark the Oak " west of "Joe Don the Fig".

My Quince is flowering. It's the best thing about spring.

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