Monday, May 24, 2010

Olympia Rain Forest Blue Corn -Redux

I started my second season as a farmer (gardener) with the seed product from last year. All is well in the rain forest, we just need more Sun and heat and less clouds and rain. Forecast looks bleak for the next few weeks. Reclaiming the ground for a garden is a bear on our property so I've invested a little time and money for a couple large elevated boxes. It means I can place them to maximize the elements. Last year I just agitated the existing soil and enhanced it with a mix. This time around I created a raised bed with a better mix and larger area for the corn. The elevated ones will be for my other veggies.
I've have a couple pix to start the year off on the blog. btw, I forwarded a batch of seeds to some (AmInd) friends in SD, NE and OK . Hopefully they'll have some success and join in here. Cbob, I can't help be reminded what the gov did all those years ago to encourage the tribes to put down the arms and become farmers ;-)


Blonde Wino said...

Nice looking garden, rez.


Rez -

I think I can see blackberry bushes waiting in the woods ready to swallow your clearing. Your plot makes a nice contrast to Blonde's improvements .

Leslie said...

hey Rez,
Instead of trying to do a scorched earth method of reclamation, find a lawn service that will bring you grass clippings and leaves (summer and fall respectively). Put them on the areas you want as garden. Inside a year, it'll be decent soil and virtually weed free. Don't be afraid to put it down heavily - like 4-6" worth. It'll be fine by next year.

rezdog said...

Thx for the tips & support guys. Damn, more rain today and looks like for the next few.
Leslie, they clear cut these forest areas to make room for building sites in the 80s and only de-stumped enough room for foundation pads. Essentially the yard and garden areas are old forest floor. I have several 3' wide stumps off my patio that are great to put pots on. Weeds and surface are easy to deal with, it's the roots and dead wood underneath the soil that's a problem, especially trying to level off an area. I do have a large "yard waste" compost going that will be great to work in with some good fill dirt as I progress. More pix as it develops.