Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blue Corn Goes Global & Other Assorted Things

The Mexican White Masa Corn
One week every seed up , all 76 of them.
Again thank-you Clare in Benson.

Pretty interesting emails this season, I was able to help Joel at Tuthilltown Sprits. He was looking for enough seed to make a batch of whiskey. Blue Corn Lighting ! I remembered these guys, Sunny State Products, from when I was setting up this thing last year.

Around the same time, a fellow in Paris contacted me for some ears with the seed still on the cob. Adrien was working with a French artist named Camille Henrot. I sent them a dozen ears yesterday, shucks and all.

I had a request from Geraldine in Nelson, Lancashire, UK. The first time for the UK.
James in Hamden, CT
Travis in Salt Lake, Ut
Valerie in Grinnell, IA 
Bill in Grass Valley, Ca

I'll send invites to post on the site to you all. Now I guess I'll work on the map, lots of pins to add.

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