Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hi from Firequeen

Hi Bob, thanks for the invite, managed to sign in an all so here I am! Planning a special bed on our land to plant Three Sisters - a friend brought two sacks of rabbit manure over today, to fertilise it. I'm recording everything in my garden blog on my website at

Pendle refers to the area where I live, it's called Pendle after the big hill round which the towns are dotted. It's a very rural area, pretty, with small rolling slopes and lots of trees - green everywhere, with lambs skipping everywhere at the moment. We are in Lancashire, that's in the North of England, and the towns are the old industrial cotton towns, but the countryside is beautiful with lots of cycling and walking. Our land is beside the Leeds-Liverpool canal, it is a piece of farmland, cut off from the rest of the farm when the railway went through over a hundred years ago, and not cultivated for a very long time.

I love your blog Bob, and am so glad I found you and your corn.

Geraldine (Firequeen)



Fire -
Great job ! I saw the owl pictures, we have a lady here , Carol in Louisiana, has them in her yard :

Jack said...

Ms Firequeen

Welcome to the Bluecorn conspiracy.


rezdog said...

Hi Geraldine, Welcome from the Great Northwest. Wow, Lancashire! I have some English ancestors from Lancaster on the the non-Indian side of my family.