Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good with owls but a failure with blue corn

I have put a lot of effort into my corn, Lord knows I tried, and something keeps eating it. I tried cayenne pepper and that Repel and whatever it is eating my corn just laughs at it all and chows down. I go to the corn patch, at my house, twice a day and look at the destruction. I am very sad to report that corn farming does not seem to be part of my destiny.

But watching baby owls is.....
Carol, CT in La.
PS. Being my sis is in visiting and I have to work everyday, I don't have time to build a fence right now.



Thank-you Doll,
And your are a Doll. You could be in the wildest, woolyest place these seeds go.

Show us those bayou pictures of snappin' turtles eating our corn. More seeds are coming, they have a shelf life, and you have the longest season of everyone. Ain't nobody at this party further south than you.

ct said...

Bob there are two baby owls. Look up the right Y of that branch and the other baby is looking at you. The baby in the lower part of the pic looks like a mound of moss. Cuz he's a baby and fuzzy.