Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Peggy Chapman's Garden in Tornado Alley

Here's the 1st plot I'm planting here at Lubbock, ..... one month in :

This is the second season for this garden , here's the story about why it's named for my mother.
With last years plantings.
Peggy Chapman's Garden

My email from Lookout Mountain, Ga. 3 days ago :

" ................ As a matter of fact I was offered an area in a neighbors .7 ac garden spot but declined since I had nothing I was interested in planting/tending. Strange how quickly things change.

PS - Just talked to my neighbor, Dan , and he too would like to join the experiment. He accepted four long rows from our mutual farmer friend up the road, and they are about finished planting. If you have 15 more seeds, send them to me to save postage, and Dan and I will plant together. If not, I'll share mine with them. "

These fellows are planting Hopi Blue Corn where the Klan in Georgia was reborn . That warms my heart to no end.
Thanks John, Thanks Dan.

Colorado Bob

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