Saturday, April 18, 2009

Water Diverter or "Harvester"

A device to collect rain water from the down spouts of rain gutters. Made from Schedule 40 PVC fittings.

I bought a commercial one of these just to see the quality and performance. My rain events here south of the "Picket Wire" produce heavy down pours for 20 min. and stop - Sometimes for weeks. The one I bought on the web was made for people who have rain events that involve hours of "pitter-patter" type events. What you see here cost $30.00 at the ole' home improvement store. I will leave it to others as to the ends and outs of the whole system. That is your storage set-up, and collection (roof & gutter) systems. Needless to say the cleaner your roof and gutters the better the quality the water you catch. Their are two traps with clean-out plugs in this design to collect sediments and the little grains that come off asphalt singles.

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