Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catching Up

Sorry for not keeping house the past week or so. It was 107 here on Wednesday of last week. Then 105, then 102 ...... Looks like the heat will break on Saturday . Good news, because our heat like this always comes with dry southwest winds. And the 2 together really suck the water out of everything. Got this wonderful set from Kentucky -

Mr. Bob, here are pictures of the two batches of hopi blue surrounded by beans and squash, and the fields of native grasses/wildflowers in front of our not so old Kentucky home back of which resides the corn patch. The first batch survivors of rabbit raiders are tasselling now and the second batch in the foreground are holding their own guarded by Owl, the Intimidator.
Your friends at Windham Wallow
aka, Windham Wallow Wildlife Wefuge (wascally wabbits welcome)

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Blonde wino said...


How beautiful...the meadow is stunning. Lovely photos.