Friday, July 3, 2009

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Update:Victory is mine!
Heloo there Bob .This is kathy ,I don't think that i told you that i gotan officialletter of permission to do this garden here in this spot for 1 year.I am humbled and honored !Praise you great spirit!This is everything to me ,let it flourish blossom and bloom!Have a great day ,i am having a prob w/ my cameratoday but i am going to get u some fresh pics of our corn maidens,one is expressing an extremely lovely phenotype . i will keep it's seed for next years crops !It has dark red stripes down the leaves , extremely lovely phenotype! i will get fresh pics for you.I have planted them in the three sister's fashion .It is where u plant the corn with a squash (to shade the roots)and a pea or bean (it will grow on/up the corn).You can eat all the plants fruits /vegs and it conserves space ,i think it might be in line with returning to ancient practices as it is a custom with some indigenous groups (Hopi?I wonder) ,so it's got to be good !yah-yuh!!i have been thinking of making blue corn meal and making blue corn tamales ,maybe starting a rage up here in oregon,we have alot of tamale eating fools here,but no locally grown blue corn tamales that i know of. The guys will truck around a coller full of regular ones and they go for $20 a doz.DO YOU HAVE A RECIPE FOR BLUE CORN TAMALES ,BOB? I am very interested if you do.B.T.W. i go now ,i sure would like to meet the Starlena,in Corbett and maybe Rez dog i think in oregon also ,i feel ,connected by this .neat-o!Thanks for the corn Bob!
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