Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Ear

Hubby and I picked the first ear of corn...we have been 'groping' the ear for weeks and since all of the silk is missing from all of our growing ears, we guessed it was ready...we were a bit wrong. (Bologna the dog and the first ear are the same length.)

First peek.
This ear was from Van Gogh...a second ear is forming. Van Gogh was the only survivor from the first planting. Fabio is from the third planting and a real champion. Fabio has four ears with a fifth forming. I want to save seeds from both plants as they are genetic winners.


Blonde wino said...

The ear of corn has darken considerably this we are double guessing ourselves as "when" to pick the corn. Any advice???

Anonymous said...

for seed and meal wait until the stalk dies and the corn dries. looks like you have a roasting ear there. get out the butter and enjoy.


Blonde wino said...
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Blonde wino said...

Thanks, Jack. We have decided to stew the corn with beans. I have also found a few recipes for the ground corn if we are lucky or patient enough to get some dried ears. One woman claims crepes are easier to make than tortillas, so I am collecting recipes. I also think we can pop the corn when dried.