Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big Wind

2 nights ago we had a pretty good storm , I got 5/8 of an inch of rain at the greenhouse. But we had most of that rain come in 20 min. With hail and wind. Downtown on the home plot of the experiment, the wind snapped off one of my sunflowers. It laid my mothers garden over pretty good. The corn here is Ok, I think. But it was a bad night, hard on all the plants. On a lighter note, I have baby tomatoes doing fine in the aftermath.

The burgandy sunflower made it,

the one we'll never see didn't.

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Blonde wino said...

Bad news about the storm. I was reading online about corn and hail damage last night...not good timing. At the same time, my tassels are being attacked by ants and no silk in site. The queen must have a craving for blue corn.