Monday, June 29, 2009

Kansas City up date

Just think of this corn as food for the hungry, a hungry racoon family that is.
It seems we have a family of racoons living in the attic of the house next door. A couple of weeks ago the wife and I were sitting on the back deck with our cofffee enjoying the morning and our garden, when there was a trilling noise.
"Whats that " the wife ask.
I recognised the noise but had to search the old memory back to younger days in the country to remember it.
"It's a coon"

I got up and walked around the house and sure enough there on the other side of the house , trying his best to be invisible against the foundation wall was a baby raccoon. I looked up and there 2 stories up was a hole in the soffet just big enough for him to fall out of and setting in the gutter was mama coon looking down.

I left him alone and went back into my yard back to my coffee.
I got the rest of the story from my neighbor.
Mama coon got her baby on the front porch up on one of the brick pillars and left baby there for most of the day. then about dark she came down and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, She then started climbing the down spouts up 2 stories with her baby. It wasn't easy the house has 2 foot soffets that she had to climb out and around. The first attempt she dropped her baby and went down and started all over again. But she got the youngun up to the nest and as far as I know he is doing fine.
As I said before I've seen mama coon eyeing the corn and no doubt she has been filling the younguns heads with tales of a blue corn feast.

Notice how nice and healthy the corn out in the sun is doing. Below is the one I planted in my yard and it is half as tall.

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