Sunday, June 21, 2009

Colorado Bob's Blue Corn Experiment-From the Beginning

These are the first pictures that were taken of the Blue Corn. Earth Day, April 22, I was staying in an apartment in Amarillo while in school, but wanted to plant something. I found the blue corn kernels that Colorado Bob gave me and put them into egg cartons with potting soil. Within a week, I had 16 seedlings, even though I swear I only planted 15 kernels. I transplanted the kernels into larger trays. I wasn't coming home to Lubbock until the end of May, so I let the seedlings grow in the trays.
Darin tilled up a plot in the backyard of our Lubbock home and I transplanted the seedlings again this time into the ground. We have had several thunderstorms with hail and I haven't taken time to cultivate the soil, but there are still about 10 plants. They really love the rain. Now at June 20, the Eve of the summer solstice, they are starting a growth spurt that will surely produce. Until then, long live blue corn!



Hey Julie -
You did it !

One thing I didn't realize back in March, was how many people would be exposed to this blogger platform for the first time. As an author. It's a nice little plus.

sturgeone said...

it almost looks like real grass there around the corn......real grass in texas? Im

Blonde wino said...

Julie...corn looks great, congratulations on the 'twins!'