Thursday, June 11, 2009

update from Kansas City

There is Bobby checking out the Hopi blue corn. Bobby was my mother in laws cat. We inherited the cat after Audra died. Guess why she is called Bobby

I've also planted some zennias, sunflowers, hollyhocks, spiderflowers and a tomato to keep the corn company. Can't be having any lonesome corn.

What a difference a little sun makes. Here are the 2 surviving plants that I planted in my yard.
The tallest is only about a foot tall. Compare that to the hill planted next door in the full sun that are close to 3 feet tall.
I talked to the real estate lady about the house next door and explained the significance of the blue corn. I, also, pointed out that it would be extreme bad luck to cut the corn down.
A couple of night ago a coon (that's raccoon for you city folks) was sitting on the back porch roof of the house next door. It looked like he was eyeing the corn, dreaming of roasting ears.


Blonde wino said...

Good looking corn...who is the feline?

Blonde wino said...

It's Bobby! I read from the bottom up!