Sunday, May 3, 2009

Angry sky

I love it when the sky gets angry before a storm. We caught a 1-1/2 inch rain here this afternoon. It may give the gnawed down corn another boost. I circled the plants again with the Repel after the rain. We'll see what comes. It is still unknown critter 3, corn 0. Not sure when the corn will just give up. Here's hoping the Hopi's help out. Maybe one of those hats pictured on your blog might do the trick.

CT in La.


ct said...

Sorry I think what I thought was a hat is actually a hairdo. Oops. Well it would also make a good hat.


Jack said...

You've created a monster, how can the rest of us compete against Carol and her camera.
Carol, great post, love the pictures,



Jack -
This was my intent . I shot pictures of the "big" garden I'm foolin' with this weekend. They look like the edge of the world compared to CT's stuff.

Always good to see the "Owl Camp".