Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things are late this year.

I pay attention to nature and this year everything seems to be late in coming. The love bugs, usually here in April, haven't shown up yet. The lubber grasshopper, a real nuisance, hatched out late, and my gardenia, again late. Not exactly sure why but there must be a reason. Maybe it was because we had a little cooler weather later in the Spring this year.

That lubber grasshopper is starting to hatch. They are a problem in areas close to the river. They hatch out hundreds of babies and as I walk around and find them, I step on as many babies as I can because I won't use any poison. I have started a few new dance routines doing it. If I miss smushing them, they grow up and when they get big the devour everything they can get there teeth on.

My Maggie found one last year. She caught it caught trying to steal some sunglasses. She is a little sleuth alright.


ct said...

and one year I found one out on my pool deck at my house. I cut it in half with a shovel. The next day both halves were still walking around. That is the God honest truth. Maybe a visitor from outer space???


ct said...

Here's a Wiki site:

ct said...

and C-Bob, thanks for allowing us to hang with you.


Anonymous said...

LOL Carol, both halves were still walking around... spooky.