Friday, May 15, 2009

Blue Corn in the NW rain forest

I'm not sure the time someone tried to grow corn in the rain forest but I'm giving it hell. The floor is pretty sandy and I think a little too much acidity. I did condition the immediate surrounding soil so we'll see. There are about six plants that survived the re-potting and transplant. They have been in the ground for about two weeks. BTW you can see my critter guard/weather protector in the background. I used an old t-shirt tub (opaque) and it works great for the small area I 'm dealing with. Anyway, future updates as things progress, hopefully. Looks like we might get some Spring weather for a week or so. It's 72 degrees today. Heat spell!. LOL Also this post works okay. I'm not fimiliar with the formatting.

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The idea of blue corn in the mossy Northwest, ....... Sweet.