Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CBob may I?

Well, things have stalled a bit here.  My sturdy lads were so enthusiastic that they broke the pitch fork.  I will replace it with my next paycheck.  In the meantime while waiting to finish  prepping the garden I've had a vision- a symbiotic relationship between the corn and the bean.  Glorious companions each supporting the other.
So I've come to pose this question. Oh great giver of sacred blue corn seeds, Is it permissable to plant pole beans within the sacred corn circle?



I always heard that was the combination Sea. Climbing beans up the corn, but I never saw it , or did it.

Beans , corn, squash were always grown together.

Get a lot of cow manure in your ground, or fish heads. Yum.

ct said...

Good to see ya here Sea.