Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Report From the Front Lines

The above beasts may not look as fearsome as rabbits, armadillos, and other denizens of the great outdoors. Trust me, they are equally predatory when it comes to Blue Hopi Corn. The Tacoma branch of the great experiment has gone into the patio planter with the goal of transplant to the back yard once the sky has stopped falling, the ground has thawed, and my son operates his end of the shovel.

When awake and not looking trusting and angelic, the pictured felines, Mefis and Saki, love nothing better than digging in dirt. My job is to wall off the planter in such a manner that they can not access one of their favorite playgrounds. Wish me luck.


Blonde wino said...

Let them eat corn! They are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful twins Jamie! I have two who look very similar, but a male and a female.

Good luck on the corn!