Saturday, May 16, 2009

turtle amuck

The male yard turtle blundered his way through the corn patch on Thursday...I came home to find the original stalk laying on the ground. He bit the outer stalk leaves, but I have the entire mound in recovery right now. Although the turtle is part of the Hopi creation myth...he was destructive on Thursday. Our female turtle is now missing and we fear she has escaped...she really didn't like his intentions and attentions.

I don't know how the Hopi protected their corn....I am ready for kachinas and fetishes.

My first marigold is blooming...I still have plenty of seeds from last year's crop. Would you like some seeds? Great flowers.


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Blonde -
I would say yes on the seeds if I hadn't bought some marigolds last week. We are companion planting them in the big garden.