Saturday, May 23, 2009

Corn Do Over


I want you to know I have spent considerable amount of time and energy on your corn project even though I have nothing to show for it. First it was fixing the tiller, then preparing and planting, then fighting critters and then a scavenger hunt for the materials to make my protective enclosure to protect this last planting.

The chicken wire didn't turn out to be as substantial as I thought it would be. I had to use all sorts of things to put this enclosure together. I needed some tent stakes but had painted the little door to a storage area shut so I couldn't get in. I tried to make due with a couple of wooden stakes. Hope I don't need them later for a vampire but I do have plenty of garlic so I ought to be OK.

Well I hope this works. I surrounded it with that Repel as an added protection. I noticed today that what the rabbits hadn't eaten the armadillos dug up.

Now it is up to the spirit of the Hopi.


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Carol -
The view into your yard has been a real treat for us all . And god , I feel guilty that you did all this work, but hey, this whole thing is just cheap trick to make us all get up, and go outside. So we've all already won the contest.