Sunday, May 24, 2009

An update from Kansas City

I planted 2 hills of corn, one in my yard and one in the yard of the house next door, which is owned by the bank. The one in my yard is struggling, only half the seeds germinated and one of them was an albino plant.

Albino corn

Also, the other day the wife was weeding her irises and guess where she was standing? I thought there was enough sun where I planted them but they are slow growing, they probably need more light. Right now there are 3 stalks still standing , 2 of them look very weak and the strong one got badly mauled last night.

The hill I planted next door is doing very well and will make a good hill of corn if it isn't cut down by the bank's lawn maintenance crew.

Here they are 2 weeks ago, when the crew came by and mowed, fortunately, they were too short and the weed eater passed over them but got the tomato plant besides them and 2 sunflower volunteers that I moved into the bed. It looked like the only place in the yard where they used the weed eater. The hill now has a wire protector around them and are 7 inches high. When the crew came by yesterday to mow they didn't even bother to weed eat. (Keeping the fingers crossed) maybe the corn and zinnias I planted over there are safe.


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That's very interesting Jack. I had 2 of those sprout downtown. They came up green and turned white at about 4 inches tall. I guessed some grub had sucked the roots .... Must be something baked in the seed.
I really what to thank-you for planting on the bank owned land. Maybe it'll draw a good neighbor for you.