Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Bye May , Hello June

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I got to the garden about 9:45 this morning, sorry I forgot my camera. We all need to say thanks one more time to Ronnie. We started putting the water to the garden at 10:30, and it was still running when I left at 1:30 . Ronnie said he would turn the water off about 3 or 4 this afternoon. So we got it all pretty wet for the next week. We'll need it folks.

My Blue Corn is up in the big garden, 6 days to sprout. Ronnie told me a few weeks back that the Thrips, would becoming out of a wheat field to our northeast. That is what is attacking the beans, peas, and peppers right now.
See the little tiny holes in the leaves ? That's Thrips sucking the juices. I'm going to figure out how to crush this garlic I still have , and using the the mix below we'll see if it helps.
Blooms on the squash, and tomatoes ........ they look good by the way.

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