Friday, May 29, 2009

Catching Up

Some pictures that have come in this week , been pretty busy .
As always the view from Blonde Wino's house is pretty good.

I had to get a new cast, still Hopi blue....first one was too tight, mal-formed. : ( Really caused more probs.

Sorry I haven't posted my photos myself. Will attempt after cast is off next week. Hope you have been enjoying the bird photos. I tried to photograph a roadrunner running across my neighbors rock wall as he jumped in to the tree to get to the mockingbird's nest, but the mockingbirds chased him across the road to the other side of the arroyo. Too slow with my hand in a cast to capture it all. Need to bring out the video.

Corn is fine...

Gambel's Quail dashing across rock wall.

And Flatus has sent pictures of his grandson Adam and their family planting in South Carolina.

Bob, these pictures are of 'planting day' for Toots, her husband
Denny, and son Adam doing their good work on the South side of their
house here in Columbia, SC.

They planted all the seeds except for the one that Adam ate.

When they were over to our house on Monday, they reported that all the
seeds had emerged from the ground within a few days. Trying to pin
them down, they thought three days.

Three days may be plausible as the weather was quite warm and the
planting medium was ideal.

As you can see, they worked hard to make our South Carolina sand into
a fertile garden spot for the blue corn.


Anonymous said...

Flatus, Job well done. Looks like South Carolina was the perfect place for blue corn. Thank them for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

CBob, Did you take those pictures with you new camera. Nice shots