Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Rabbit Guy

I drove around a looking for Chuck .  Rabbit manure is the best stuff to garden with.
It's easy to get , ..... it's in a pile under the cages. You can put it in old plastic bags. Doesn't smell. . Great stuff. 
So for over a year now, I've been getting 4 or 5 bags from Chuck when I re-pot in the green house. 
Chuck keeps chickens and I bought some eggs to take out to the big garden for Shere. Her brother asked me where I got them , and I said my rabbit guy Chuck.
Turn's out Terry, Shere's bother lives 2 blocks over from Chuck.  Then, Terry tells me that Chuck is the great grandson of Quannah Parker. 
Charles Parker, on east 4th street. 

Chuck raises eggs too. Brown ones with Van Gough yellow yolks. He had 25 dozen on hand. I think I'm about to go in the egg business with the great grandson of Quannah Parker.

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Blonde wino said...

Down the rabbit hole? Excellent fertilizer...I had bat guano a few years back and it was terrific. It was "mined" on Ted Turner's ranch (north of here) where the lava flows (rope lava) left huge caves. The Mexican Freetail Bat occupies the caves and the guano was mined in the eary 1900s and shipped by train to the citrus groves in California.